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SaaS designed for HTML eAdvertisment sales or eAd, store location sales, referrals, to promote busienss ads and help bring a digital HTML product that portrays business markets to the owners and consumers. Printable pages are available with subscription, demoing still available for all users via webforms home page link. The forms are digital and transportable via https with encypted email individual site domains and registration required for digital storage of forms, UE account required for HTTPS forms and custom form design i.e. trade form, lienholder form, etc. UE accounts may take some time to create and hosted on a .us or other domain. Tech support included with your annual enrollement fees may apply in the future max enrollment cost $299.99 for digital form transport access and storage.

Digital Signature Accordance

State of Florida Digital Signature Legal Disclaimer: The appropriate format, which must be retrievable or reproducible in typewritten or printed form and must be legible. In accordance with Florida's digital form capture statute future market growth expected in all states.

s.15.16 F.S Reproduction of records; admissibility in evidence; electronic receipt and transmission of records; certification; acknowledgment. (b) The manner of execution, which may include any symbol, manual, facsimile, conformed, or electronic signature adopted by a person with the present intent to authenticate a document. In accordance with the state of Florida and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act digital form capture statute future market growth expected in all states.

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